A one-stop location to help you navigate through so many aspects of military ETS/retirement 5 echo free

Your mission is now to focus on you and your successful ETS/Retirement.

If there is one thing that I've learned from 20 years of service and a lot of mentors is that the mission will go on without you.

Now is the time to focus on yourself. If you are 24-18 months out from your ETS/Retirement, then you’re right on track for a successful ETS. If you a year or less, sit down, buckle up, and prepare for this to be your new role. This page is designed to assist you in answering the question: “So tell me a little bit about yourself?” Within all these organizations, you will find solid people who are devoted to helping make your transition easier than on your own. The mental state that you’re in right now is what I call ignorant confidence, but after you go through these programs, you will know exactly how valuable you are and sought after in the private sector.

Should you feel the urge to suddenly abandon yourself and go back to your old ways, then maybe you’re not ready to retire/ets? Hey, if you procrastinate too much, odds are you could just reenlist without that sweet bonus.

Either way, this is the first step for you to actively make decisions for Yourself.

The Strong Shall Stand and the Weak Shall Fall By the Wayside. What are you?


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